Welcome to Angela Nicoletti´s homepage!

Hello and Welcome to My New Website! Please take a trip through My Art. You may have noticed that I paint a lot of Women. I love ❤️ to Paint 🎨 Women from Days of old into a Innovative New Future full of Love and Hope 🙏

I have 4 Beautiful Sisters that I love and Admire! I also have a Wonderful Mom who is My Inspiration! She’s a Strong Warrior Women who has a quiet Confidence! I have always seen her as A Loving Independent Classy Lady That never gossips However Always finds the good in people. ( Her name is Candy 🍭) .

My Mom  Candy is also a Artist, Writer and who My Family calls Mrs. Mcgevor. She can fix just about anything. I have taken a cue from her as I paint 🎨 I want to bring Love, Hope and Healing through My Art that Soothes The Soul. I also do Love to paint Strong Men who I admire , Children and My Favorite Animals. 

I can paint a customized Painting just for you and your Loved ones! 
Please Enjoy as you take a trip inside My world 🌎 Of Art 🖼
Thank you so much and I’m Honored you choose to click and Explore My Painting’s! Sincerely, Angela Nicoletti 🎨❤️💫🙏🕊✨