Hello and Welcome, My Name is Angela Nicoletti. I hope you Enjoy My Art 🖼 Here’s a little bit about me and how I Started My Adventurous Journey into The World Of Art! 

To start as a Child in Kindergarten My Mom Candy 🍭 use to sketch Pictures of Beautiful Strong Women on My Brown Paper lunch Bags. Some of you can remember those little bags at recess time when we ate our lunch. I loved there Hairstyles and so. They were Absolutely Beautiful! I would be more excited to look at her Sketch than to look inside at what was for lunch. This left a Imprint on My Heart ❤️.

The Interesting thing for me is that I never knew that I could Paint 🎨.
I did have a class in Abstract Art in Junior High School. I remember Loving The Flow when I would paint. It excites and Relaxes me too! 
I also Love Music and Performing 🎶 I thought Music was My Calling Since I was 16 years old . I am now 57. 

I also Love to perform. Dancing 💃🏻 and Singing 🎤 came naturally for me! I would watch My 4 Beautiful Sisters 💃🏻 Also Soul Train and American Bandstand really got my feet tapping! 
I also took a class in Jazz at a young age that got me twirling ! 
At 24 I received a Masters Degree in Method Acting. I Graduated At Joanne Baron DW Studios 

I also have Been Blessed to have worked with some of The Wonderful Performing Artists of our time. I started working at The Whisky A Go Go at 16 years old. Also The Roxy Theatre. This is from 1980 to 1991.

I was also a model at Young Models Agency. Mainly for Hair and Swimsuits. 
So How did I start Painting? I had a Fractured hip about 4 years ago. I was really down and found myself picking up a makeup pencil. I just started to draw and then paint 🎨 I got such a Kick that I have not stopped since. 

I love ❤️ to study Art Nouveau. Alfonsse Mucha I admire immensely! I also love to study Renaissance as well as Masters Of Fashion And Illustration. Whatever catches my Heart and Soul and makes me go Wow 😮 I paint 🎨 Another interesting aspect is that all My Paintings CONNECT! 

I love Working with 3D paint as well! 
It touches my heart to hear about The Different things people see when they Experience My Art. It inspires me and I get a good laugh 😆 I love to Laugh and spread Love and Joy 🙏
I hope This Brought Value to your Heart ❤️ Thank you for Joining me on My Journey ❤️🎨💫🤗🙏🕊✨Much Love ❤️ Angela Nicoletti.